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I thoroughly enjoyed the reading  and meeting you. You are amazing and so accurate!

I'm looking forward to my new future.

Anna, Lane Cove


It was an absolute delight to meet you today! Thank you so much for the reading and for your company - it was like chatting with a friend I've known for years!

Carol, Nth Sydney

You’ve made my year! I’m very excited and feeling really positive about this year and the house move.

Carrie, England

Thank you for the reading yesterday I very much enjoyed the confirmation of what I was feeling and what I needed to do.

Kate, Freshwater


It was so lovely to meet you last Saturday. I had an amazing day and learnt SO SO much from you, more in one day than the past 20 odd years of trying to work it out.

Linton, Kellyville


Thank you Molly for such an informative and clear workshop on Tarot.  You are an inspiring teacher.  I feel I have the basic tools now.

Heather, Newcastle


Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and your excellent teaching technique. Without doubt your session has been the most useful and enlightening that I have attended. For me it has been the bridge over the water from the clumsy banks of reliance on looking up books for interpretation to the intuitive symbolic bank on the other side. 

Jean, Willoughby

Thanks Molly, I really enjoy your workshops.  You've inspired me to go deeply into the Tarot and I've met some lovely women along the way.

Karen, Thornleigh


I really enjoyed the courses and gained so much knowledge and understanding of the Tarot due mainly to the teaching methods you use. You really are a wonderful teacher and mentor.

Narelle, Newport