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"I found the reading with Molly to be a life changing experience. I would highly recommend her." Bronwyn


Available in Person, by Zoom, Phone, Skype or Facetime


A Tarot reading can provide a fresh view into what is happening in your life.  The symbols and images on the Tarot cards offer insight into the hidden areas of your life and can shed a new light on your situation.


As you and I work together, the Tarot cards offer us a “third opinion’ by bringing unconscious information to the surface. My goal is to help you guide life changes rather than be swept along by them.


To give you a broader picture of the patterns and energies at work, I include a look at the current Astrological cycles and your personal year in Numerology.


$120 for a one hour reading.

Gift Vouchers available.



This is a combination of a Tarot reading plus a printed report of your transits for the year ahead.


$150 for a one hour reading and report

Gift Vouchers available. Contact me for details



This is a combination of an Astrological birth chart reading plus a half hour Tarot reading.


$240 for a two hour reading

Gift Vouchers available.